Descending Rabbit Holes – new Side Effects album out on Rockshots Records!

Croatian trio Side Effects return to bring their progressive arrangements to the world for a fourth time with their next album Descending Rabbit Holes. Enhanced with a fusion of powerfully delivered, intricate drum parts, fierce bass, virtuoso guitars and poetic lyrics this album is the calling card of a no-frills rock power trio.

Fronted and driven by Ivan Mihaljevic’s guitar-vocal-songwriting combo, Side Effects are celebrating their first decade of rocking with a new album released by the Italian based label Rockshots Records.

Ivan quotes about the upcoming album: “Descending Rabbit Holes is a line from the song Lint. What the title means is that every song aims to deeply explore the topic it deals with and therefore descends into the proverbial rabbit hole.”

Buy or listen to the album here –

01. Don’t Contradict The Facts
02. In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort
03. Scratch The Surface
04. Colorblind
05. Don’t Turn Away
06. Diversion
07. The Siren Song
08. Hideout
09. Obituary of Common Sense
10. Lint
11. Recoil

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